Frequently asked questions

When are memberships available to purchase?

Memberships are currently available on our website! We do not have an in-person option to purchase memberships yet.

How will I get my membership card if I sign up online?

For those that sign up online, membership cards will be given the first time they come in the facility.

What’s different about the Early Bird membership? Is there an Early Bird Monthly?

Early Bird is not a separate membership, but a discounted rate on an annual membership plan (which is already a discounted rate compared to monthly). There is no Early Bird monthly rate.

How long will the Early Bird discount be available?

The Early Bird discount will be available until our grand opening on June 26th!

Do I get to keep the Early Bird pricing when my membership renews next year?

Yes, you will renew at the same rate for which you originally sign-up. However, if you change your membership type or discontinue your membership and then rejoin, you will lose the discount.

Who is included in the family membership and/or senior family membership?

The family membership is defined as two adults over the age of 18 and any number of theirdependents, up to age 21, that reside in the same household. Senior Family memberships are two seniors over the age of 65 residing in the same household and does not include any other family members.

Will you be offering Silver Sneakers or Renew Active?

We have submitted our applications for both the Silver Sneakers and Renew Active programs, and weare still moving through that process. I highly encourage you to reach out to your insurance company and let them know you are interested in utilizing that program in our facility.

Will you have childwatch/daycare?

We are still discussing feasibility/options for childcare and will have more information soon!