Swim Lessons

We are excited to announce our swim class offerings at our indoor aquatic center, due to open later this summer. Specific dates and times will be posted soon.

Swim lessons coming soon! Our indoor aquatic center is nearly complete. Lessons will be available weekday mornings, weekday evenings, or weekend mornings. Registration information and a detailed schedule will be available soon on our website and social media.

Parents & Me: Ages 3 & Under                30 minutes                       Ratio: 8:1

Parents will learn techniques and skills to increase their child’s confidence, coordination, and safety of the water. Through music and games, parents will learn proper holding and support techniques and children will learn to feel comfortable in the water with the reassurance of having a parent present. Only one parent permitted in class. All children required to wear swim diapers. 

Pre-Swim Lessons: Ages 4-5                      30 minutes                       Ratio 4:1

An introduction to the water. Children will learn basic water skills without a parent but with support from the instructor.  Students will become acclimated to the water and learn important safety skills and rules to be water safe. Instructors will guide students progress through the skills which include:

·       Enter and exit water using ladder, steps and side of the pool 

·       Submerging nose and mouth to blowing bubbles

·       Floating on the front and back with assistance

·       Use training aid to learn proper kicking technique

·       Submerge completely underwater


Youth Swim Lessons: Ages 6-12               30 minutes                       Ratio 8:1

Level 1 - Students will learn to feel comfortable in the water unassisted by instructor. They will be introduced to basic water competency skills. 

·       Enter and exit water independently using latter, stairs or side

·       Blow bubbles through mouth and nose 

·       Floating on the front and back with assistance

·       Use training aid to learn proper kicking technique

·       Combined arms and legs front swimming 

·       Submerge completely underwater


Level 2 - Further expansion upon level 1 skills is introduced 

·       Further mastery of level 1 skills 

·       Use training aid to learn proper kicking technique

·       Floating on the front and back unassisted

·       Jump into chest-deep water 

·       Tread water with limited support 

·       Introduction to treading water

·       Push off wall and swim using combined arms and legs actions on front 

·       Introduction to backstroke arm and leg actions


Level 3 - Students will begin to develop more swimming stroke skills and become more confident in unassisted tasks

·       Jump from side into deep water, full submerge and return to the side 

·       Learn rotary breathing

·       Tread water  

·       Push off in streamline position on front and back and flutter kick

·       Freestyle and backstroke with combined arms and legs  

·       Dive from pool’s edge from sitting or kneeling position 


Level 4 - Students will improve on swimming stroke skills and gain more aquatic skills

·       Dive from a standing position 

·       Swim freestyle and backstroke confidently

·       Introduction of frog and dolphin kicks 

·       Learn proper technique for breaststroke and butterfly


Group Lessons: 8 sessions/$65

Private Lessons: 4 sessions/$90

**Private lessons will be available based on the number of instructors available.

Contact csquires@bridgeportwv.com with any questions.