January 2023 Newsletter


January 2023

New Year, New You: Resolutions for 2023

As the new year begins, approximately 41% of Americans will make a New Year’s resolution. Within just one week of the new year, about 25%of people will give up on their goal, and only 8% will stick to the goal all year.

Often, people fall short of completing their resolutions because they choose the wrong goal. There are five easy to remember criteria to assist you in making your New Year’s resolution. Readon to learn how to be successful in your fitness goals.

Specific – Choose a goal that is quantifiable. Instead of choosing “get healthier” as a goal, choose something narrower. Health is a broad term with many components. Eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, and countless other factors contribute to overall health. Be as specific as possible in choosing a goal.

Measurable – “Take 10,000 steps a day” can be easily measured, unlike “take more steps”, which is vague and open to interpretation. Picking a goal that is measurable helps you stay on track and identify whether or not you are making progress toward your goal.

Attainable – Depending on where you are in your fitness journey, certain goals are more appropriate than others. Someone just beginning to exercise might have more success with a goal such as running a 5k than run a marathon. Keep in mind that rushing to reach goals fitness goals, such as lifting more weight or exercising more frequently, can lead to injury. Set yourself up for success by making a goal that pushes you but doesn’t overwhelm you.

Relevant – Goals that have little to do with your life may not be as motivational as goals that affect you daily. An underweight person would be better off pursuing a goal of building muscle rather than cutting calories.

Timely – If your goal is weight loss, a sustainable goal is 1-2 pounds a week, depending on your starting size. A New Year’s resolution to lose five pounds in twelve months is unrealistic for most people. Set a goal that is appropriate for the timeframe and break it into manageable pieces.

Are you a certified personal trainer who wants to help people achieve their New Year’s resolutions? We are hiring in our fitness department. Contact jhill@bridgeportwv.com.